"I dont know how you could have done better.   Multiple texts back and forth to figure out the right setup for my old machine.  Its refreshing to do business with people who actually care about getting it right the first time." - Don G.
"My tracks arrived yesterday. They fit nicely. Just wanted to say thanks for the exceptional customer service. It is a rare occasion when I have a minor issue dealt with so quickly and professionally. Pleasure doing business with you, Thanks. Stu."
"Thanks for the help Mackenzie, the tracks I got are really nice!!! I'm looking forward to doing more business with Viqan in the future... for sure!!! ; )" - On Grade.
"My name is Kurt W Simpson and live in Humptulips WA. In Jan 2010 I bought a Hitachi EX75UR and the tracks split on me. I needed to purchase new oneÂ’s. So after searching for a couple of weeks: I found that the best price and quality was through Viqan. So I called Viqan and talk to Alasdair Mackenzie. The tracks were purchased. He offered to bring them to Humptulips for me. This a 2 ½ hr drive one way. I was very thankful for I had no way to go get them. My friends and I put them on and they kept throwing the tracks after about 25 ft. Before I could get back to the tracks, it was a year. Due to family matters and health reasons. In Feb of 2011 Alasdair called me up and asked how the tracks were working and I told him the problems I was having. I told him that I didnÂ’t know what I was doing wrong. I explained to him my problems. He asked a bunch of question about the machine. Then he said he was going to check on the information and would get back to me.I thought to myself I more than likely will not here from him agin, because of the a mount of time that I allowed to go by. A week later Alastar calls me up and said everything looked good, but he said he knows I have a problem. So he had me take my camera and take pictures of my old tracks and any tags I could find on the machine. I did as he asked. We found out that I had a EX75UR-3 not the EX75UR as I had told him. The tracks I needed were 0.05 mil thinner and the pitch on the tracks were different than the ones I had bought. I didnÂ’t know what I was going to do. I did not have the money to buy a new set. The new set I bought wore some rubber off, so they were not new anymore. I told Alastar this. Alastar said that he would bring up the proper tracks that I needed and took the old ones back. All he ask for some gas money for delivering them up here. I was more than happy to do that. The next weekend He brought the tracks. My friends and I put them on in 2 hrs. My machine is now working very wonderfully. I WOULD LIKE TO SAY “YOU WILL NOT GO WRONG WHEN YOU DEAL WITH ALASTAR MACKENZIE AT VIQAN” THEIR WORD, BUSINESS ETHICS, AND PRODUCTS ARE TOP NOTCH."
"It was a pleasure dealing with Viqan. MM55 Tracks at the right price and met me there on a Saturday, Best service and price. True professionals." Thanks: LTD
"We called Viquan and they had the tracks in stock. This was the second pair of tracks we have used from Viquan. Were easy to aquire, install, and fit great. Better price than what we were quoted from the dealership. Would recommend purchasing and using these to anyone. Don't have anything bad to say about the tracks or company. McKenzie made himself available to us over the traditional break between Christmas and New Years. He met me at his office early, loaded the tracks, and was professional through the whole process. A great wealth of knowledge. Kubota KX91-3"
"There was a very large selection of just about every kind of machinery tracks a person might need. And the merchandise was very reasonably priced as well. We've had NO problems with the tracks we purchased, and are grateful to find them at Viqan. We are very satisfied with the quality of the product we purchased and the professionalism of Viqan. Mackenzie, we were very impressed and pleased by your helpfulness when we were looking for tracks for our Hinowa. Customer service was outstanding and beyond the call of duty. My Wife & I are very pleased with our experience with Viqan, and recommend this business highly to our friends, should they be in need of tracks for their equipment"
"McKenzie was great to work with. Really knows his product and the different machine requirements. I have bought tracks for both a John Deere 50 ZTS mini and a Cat 277 skidsteer and in both cases he went out of his way to be helpful and accomodating. He even met me at 7 AM on a Saturday to ensure that I got my machine repaired over the weekend. I would not hesitate to buy again from him as his prices are comparable and his service and knowledge are excellent. John Deere 50 ZTS"
"The rubber tracks that we have purchased from Viqan, LLC have served us well. The service and delivery have been excellent. We will certainly call on Viqan in the future. ASTEC DD 3238 Rubber Track"
"I own several Morookas and they always seem to come with Bridgestone tracks. The tracks tend to get 1700 to 2000 hours. At this point I have only worn out one track from Viqan. This MST2200 track lasted 2700+ hours before I replaced it. My lighter morookas and excavators seem to put even less wear on their tracks and I have every expectation that they may exceed 2700 hours before failing. Viqan tracks are used exclusively on all my equipment. The combination of excellent service and superior product has kept me a very satisfied customer since 2005"
"With shipping to Duvall (Seattle) it was far cheaper than buying from the dealer. Perfect fit, haven't seen any stretching, below normal wear for the hours. Saved money, arrived quickly. Customer service and followup were excellent"
"I have used these tracks on my vio 35 excavater for two years. They are holding up great. customer service is great.Its nice to deal with real people and not some drone that hates his job. Thanks guys"
"Great products and good follow-through on letting people know what is happening when awaiting product arrival. Quality and fit was as advertised! Viqan delivers as promised. Pricing is very competive. Viqan meets or exceeds all product standards, from our standpoint"
"This track is a rugged off road type tread design, I do small house demos with this machine climbing up over boards nails plywood, I am very happy with the toughness of the rubber used to build the tracks. I also used these tracks on a 322 bobcat excavator, cost and performance is awsome compared to factory purchases, The smothness ride do to the design of the rail makes a huge differance. also sprokets seem to stay more dirt and rock free do to tighter rail design"
"Viqan staff and Alasdiar were great to work with. They answered my questions and spent the extra time to insure that we had our questions answered and to educate us on the different types of tracks available"
"My machine had 6000 hours with the original steel tracks when I decided to replace them. I researched what OEM was available and found out even the dealer was using Viqan. Now I have 500 more hours on the machine and the tracks still look brand new. Alasdair personally delivered them and helped me with questions on rollers and idlers. Perfect fit, great price, and exceptional service"
"I was tired of my rubber tracks throwing off so I spoke with Mackenzie and he recommended I switch to steel and bolt on pads. perfect results. thanks. viqan has a lot of insight and they have very professional staff. would recommend"
"My KOMATSU is a GREY MARKET machine and I had many questions regarding track fit. Mackenzie researched my model for me and with his Japanese contacts was able to determine that "I WOULD" be able to install the steel tracks on my MACHINE. Apparently there had been issues with installing steel tracks on a machine that originally had rubber. Mackenzie stayed in touch and was true to his word. GREAT PRICE, GREAT TRACKS! Shipping from Seattle was cheap. Just had to pull the pallet off of the freight truck with my BOBCAT. INSTALLATION was complete in about 3 hours. Pins were easy to install and tracks work perfect!"
"I was digging a swimming pool in a tight spot behind a subdivision house when I split a track on my Komatsu PC50UU-2, needless to say I was in a pinch. I live and work around Toronto, Canada and we only have 7-8 months to do a years worth of revenue, downtime is an ugly word. That evening I spent 4-5 hours surfing the net for rubber tracks. Anyway during that evening of surfing I came across the VIQAN website. I called VIQAN the following day and inquired about shipping to Canada. The girl in the office could not answer my question but had the owner call me back in about 20 mins. Turns out that he was on his cell phone driving to a ball game with his family. This was my first hint of what turned out to be absolutely stellar customer service"
"The tracks are great! I have had them on my machine for about 2 months with no problems...GUYS this is a true story! LetÂ’s keep VIQAN in business so that when we need them, they will be around to help US! Frank Jefferson - President - Precision Group of Companies"
"My EX75-RU just came back to the shop from working in freezing and muddy conditions. I was very pleased with the performance and quality of your track. The price and service from you was exceptional. Will consider doing business with you again when the need arises"
"I was very happy with my TB125 replacement tracks. In fact they seem to fit better and have a smoother ride than the original ones"
"Quality of the tracks for our TL130 was excellent"
"We purchased a rubber track from VIQAN for our mini excavator and saved $395. Mackenzie from VIQAN delivered the track to us and was nice to talk to, if you can understand his Scottish accent. Just kidding, we were very satisfied with the quality and service from VIQAN and will do business with them again"
"I was very impressed with the service, quality and fit of the rubber track for the Takeuchi TB-135 excavator. I found VIQAN pricing to be very competitive and was even happier to that the track was in stock and could ship within a day. The follow-up from VIQAN ensured that the track arrived quickly and kept any downtime to an absolute minimum. As a small business owner, I can say that VIQAN provided the essential ingredients for its customer, the right equipment, competitive prices and prompt service"
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